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TOOM's Behold The Basilisk - Out Now

October 01, 2021

TOOM's Behold The Basilisk is released today.

A recently unearthed time capsule. Behold The Basilisk was recorded on 8th January 2010 at SAE Studios in London and never released, until now. The trio of teenagers who feature on it would go on to much bigger things:

Justin Smith - Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

Jack Newnham - Slabdragger, Old Man Lizard, Meadows

Teddy James Driscoll - Telepathy, Cobra Lucha

Formed out of the nascent UK stoner doom scene, TOOM will appeal to fans of Sleep, Mastodon, Iron Monkey, Floor, Acid King and Black Sabbath. Hear their low-end rumble in all its remastered glory.

Behold The Basilisk is available to buy from the APF website and is streaming now on Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube and all the usual places. Dig it!

The link you need: https://linktr.ee/toomdoom

Swamp Coffin announce Noose Almighty

September 30, 2021

Rotherham-based sludge titans Swamp Coffin will release their debut full-length album Noose Almighty via APF Records on 26th November 2021. It’s an incredibly cathartic record covering depression, trauma, grief, betrayal and a general disenchantment with the world. You can read all about it, and pre-order the album on their band page here on the APF website.

First single Welcome To Rot will be on all streaming sites 1st October. Watch the video for it today, exclusively over at Invisible Oranges. "Sheer, revolting destruction" is their description of it. Go watch! Here's the link:


KKKK for Lair of the White Worm's EP1

September 29, 2021


"An energy that could ignite a darkened goth dancefloor, while simultaneously sounding not unlike something Napalm Death might have come up with during their more experimental mid-’90s period... There aren’t many making this sort of racket as convincingly as Lair Of The White Worm right now".

KKKK from the mighty Kerrang! for John Cooke of Napalm Death and Corrupt Moral Altar's debut Lair Of The White Worm EP, which is out on APF and Trepanation Recordings on 15th October. 

Read the full review here: https://www.kerrang.com/amp/ep-review-lair-of-the-white-worm-ep1

Beggar celebrate a decade of malaise

September 23, 2021

Next month BEGGAR celebrate a decade of being amazing with 3 special shows. This will be your last chance to catch them live for a while. Go see them at:

9th Oct - London: NHS + APF Records - Unearthly Allies Alldayer at The Black Heart, Camden with Battalions, Indica Blues, Wasted Death, Grave Lines, Limb, Sky Valley Mistress and Cold in Berlin.

15th Oct - Bolton: BEGGAR + Under + Sugar Horse at The Alma Inn.

16th Oct - Bristol: Beggar - Ogives Big Band - Downard at The Crown.

Tickets for the London show: https://www.ourblackheart.com/events/2021/10/9/nhs-apf-records-unearthly-allies-alldayer

John Cooke of Napalm Death's Lair of the White Worm

September 22, 2021

On 15th October APF and Trepanation Recordings are jointly releasing John Cooke of Napalm Death's new project Lair Of The White Worm. You can listen to a track called Waster from the EP now over at The Sleeping Shaman.

APF-heads will know John is also in Corrupt Moral Altar, as well as Official Venomous Concept. Lair of the White Worm sees him exploring his industrial side. For fans of Godflesh, Ministry and Scorn.

Listen here:


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