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APF & New Heavy Sounds present Unearthly Allies

July 20, 2021


It has been, without doubt, the strangest of times and times of all sorts of isolation. So we, at New Heavy Sounds and APF Records, decided that a great way to celebrate the opposite of that isolation would be to come together in a big collaborative gesture of celebration. These strange times have also shown what great unity there is within the scenes in which we love to 'do our thing' and we aim to celebrate that with a day of what we love - riffs, heavy stuff, attitude, live music, collaboration, independence, noise, rocking, fun, community and 'the scene'.

A fortuitous online meet up of our two labels revealed that we were mutual admiration societies of what the other was achieving and that, rather than in competition, we would prefer to present a united front on our combined take on new heavy music, to take us out of these grisly times. Our bands concurred and have agreed to present this allied front in both a live and recorded way.

It was a no-brainer for us that we chose London's most important small venue for heavy music, The Black Heart, around which most of the city’s heavy and noise scenes revolve, to host this celebratory event. The success of the venue's saving via its crowdfunding campaign during the Lockdown is testament to its importance.

As well as the eight bands from the labels playing back to back on the day, each attendee will receive a CD sampler of tracks from the labels' current rosters and many releases will be available at a pop-up stall at the venue.

To add to the celebratory, party vibe, She's So Heavy Dj's (including Harriet and Federica Black Moth) will be providing the sounds between the live action.

We could think of no better way to, in effect, relaunch as allies.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Unearthly Allies. 9th October. 2pm til 11pm. The Black Heart, Camden. Featuring performances by APF’s Beggar, Battalions, Indica Blues and Wasted Death plus New Heavy Sounds’ Grave Lines, Sky Valley Mistress, Limb and Cold in Berlin.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/854690425461476/

Black Heart event page and tickets: https://www.ourblackheart.com/events/2021/10/9/nhs-apf-records-unearthly-allies-alldayer

Vinyl LP Manufacturing Issues

July 15, 2021

As pretty much everyone knows, vinyl is back. Big time. What a lot of people don’t know is that, for small record labels like APF, releasing vinyl has become a bit of a nightmare of late. We wanted to share this with you, because for the foreseeable future it’s going to have an effect on our vinyl release dates. And it’s hurting some of our friends at other small labels too.

If you’re waiting for a pre-ordered LP from us, it might not be arriving on time. We are sorry about this, it’s out of our hands, for reasons I’ll explain. Keep an eye on our website store and the APF Bandcamp page for changes in vinyl release dates.

Why is this happening? The following info comes from several articles you can find on the interweb, combined with APF’s recent experience.

Vinyl demand at the moment is so great that it’s actually at least double that of the entire worldwide manufacturing capacity, and that’s a real problem. The global capacity for manufactured vinyl albums currently sits at 160 million, yet the demand is estimated at more than double that at 320 million – rising this year to as much as 400 million.

No new vinyl pressing plants of any significant size have been built in the past decade, just a handful of small boutique ones. A crisis point has been reached.

During the pandemic, vinyl sales exploded, growing 28.7 percent in 2020 alone.

Though there were issues with the vinyl supply chain even before the pandemic, the reality is that the entire industry cannot keep up with skyrocketing demand, especially with COVID-related constraints. Due to the pandemic, some factories couldn't maintain their production capacity due to social distancing measures, lockdowns and labour shortages, and big artists and major labels who held off on releasing albums during the pandemic are all now releasing LPs this year and next.

Then there’s material shortages. From lacquer masters, to the PVC pellets that become the actual disk, to the printers that make up the sleeves and jackets, everything is in demand or running behind. The recent demand for different coloured vinyl slows down vinyl manufacturing too, as the vinyl stampers must be cleaned after each use.

Add in worldwide pandemic-related logistics issues (some of them related to the bastard boat getting stuck in the Suez canal, some to COVID), Record Store Day, Brexit-related custom issues, supermarkets and Amazon getting in on the vinyl boom….

Back in the good old pre-pandemic days of vinyl pressing, the wait time for manufacturing was 2 to 3 months. APF only had to wait 6 weeks for Video Nasties Dominion first run vinyl to arrive in 2019. Now it can be anywhere from 8 to 12 months from when a small record label orders vinyl from a manufacturer to when it gets to us.

The situation will only significantly improve if more vinyl pressing plants are built.

So bear with us. And bear with all small labels who have the same hassles. You’ll get your LP eventually, we promise. Hopefully it will be worth the wait. 

Wasted Death Get Uglier Than Hell

July 02, 2021


APF Records is delighted to confirm the release of WASTED DEATH's sophomore EP Ugly As Hell II – Uglier Than Hell on 13th August 2021. First single Tomorrow’s Children Will Eat Algae is on all streaming sites now.

Wasted Death is a balls-out gutter punk metal band featuring Wayne Adams of Big Lad and Petbrick (with Igor Cavalera), Charlie Davis of Beggar and Tom Brewins of USA Nails. They’re a bit d-beat, a bit Converge, a bit noise rock, a bit fuckin’ special.

Landing just four months after their debut EP Ugly As Hell (released by APF Records on 9th April), Charlie Davis says:

We reckon we’ve done it again on Ugly As Hell II: Uglier As Hell. The strings are all tuned to the same note, the drums are barrelling past at semi-legal speeds and the vocals are popping veins left right and centre. It’s another great big slap in the chops.

This time we’ve ramped it up and broadened the influences. It’s our thrashed-up, snot-nosed punk/metal vibe, landing somewhere between Extreme Noise Terror and Converge and the Melvins, but this time the energy levels are cranked, the contempt is as virulent as ever and the tunes go in even weirder directions. Whether it’s injecting some High On Fire barbarism or some mean Amphetamine Reptile-style angularity, things here have developed into a more interesting beast with a more varied set of influences while retaining the same bat-shit wildness that makes Wasted Death what it is.

This time it’s not just ugly: it’s hit-every-branch-on-the-way-down, fully minging, totally hopeless fugliness.”

Ugly As Hell II – Uglier Than Hell will be available on CD, cassette tape, digital download and t-shirt bundle. Pre-orders are open now in our website store.

Wasted Death play their first ever live dates this autumn:

7 September - The Victoria, Dalston, London

8 October - The Moon, Cardif

What the press are saying about Wasted Death:

“Deliciously depraved and grimy, for people who like their punk to have blood and rust on its safety pin and metal that gives you a black eye. Wasted Death have distilled the perfect microcosm of extreme brutality.” – THE SLEEPING SHAMAN

“This EP has everything; perfect instrumentation, vocals and production. Bringing something new to the table, and showing that genres have no bounds, Wasted Death are a name to watch". – DISTORTED SOUND

“Grinding metal mashing the brain matter into mush with punk snarl to make you feel like you’ve literally been chewed up and spat out. Savage stuff.” – GBHBL

“Grind fans, Noise fans, Hardcore fans, Punk fans. You will all find something to enjoy here. Wasted Death take approximately 13 or so minutes to cave your cranium in but it’s the best 13 minutes you will experience in 2021. Ugly As Hell is beautiful.” – MASS MOVEMENT


June 24, 2021


For fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah, Converge, Mastodon, Botch and Strapping Young Lad 

Absolutely delighted to welcome UTOPIA to the APF Records family. We’ll be releasing their debut album Stalker on 27th August. Watch the video for first single Happiness now on the Utopia page on the APF website, or on the APF YouTube channel.

Link to watch Happiness and find out more about Utopia:


Utopia was formed by guitarist and composer John Bailey. The album features Chris Reese - of APF’s Corrupt Moral Altar - on vocals and a host of impressive musical talents: drummers Billy Rymer (yes, THAT Billy Rymer, if you don’t know who he is, Google him), Baard Kolstad (Leprous), Lee Fisher (Fawn Limbs / Psyopus) and Si Blakelock (Tangaroa / Dream Troll) alongside Simon Peter King, bassist Arran McSporran (De Profundis / Virvum) and finally keyboardist Mike Moran (Ozzy Osbourne/George Harrison/Queen/Extreme).

 John Bailey and Chris Reese

By day John Bailey is touring guitarist for the likes of Aled Jones and Russell Watson, a far cry from the extreme metal of Utopia, but with ’Stalker’ he wanted to bring together all the music he loves, creating something aggressive and intense but also well thought out and intelligent. He comments,

“I wanted it to be super heavy and crazy but also really emotional. The music combines elements of jazz and various styles of metal. The song writing is very important lyrically and structurally. The lyrics draw influence from philosophy, literature, art and film (particularly the films of Andrei Tarkovsky).

The concept of the name Utopia is a reflection of mental health / neurodiversity and social structures in the world we live in; the double-edged sword of trying to lead a happy life in a world of conflicting ideology and bad faith between humans. The pitfalls of attempting a sophisticated life despite us being poorly evolved primates who are highly individual in their own rights. Its ultimately rooted in varying degrees of sensitivity, mental health and neurodiversity based on individuals trying to interface with one another in a constructive way.'

John started writing Stalker in March 2020, just as the covid pandemic hit. Recording posed its own geographical problems with his chosen musicians living in different parts of the world. Work was finally completed earlier this year.

Utopia’s music encompasses thrilling technical heaviness, moments of goosebumps-inducing melodic beauty, challenging progressive passages, dissonance, and tungsten-strength riffs. We just know you’re gonna dig it.


Mastiff Sign to eOne Heavy, Announce New Album

June 10, 2021

Big, exciting news from the MASTIFF camp. After 4 years on APF Records, during which time they released 2017's BORK EP and 2019's Plague album, the Hullensian blackened sludge quintet have signed with eOne Heavy for their new record Leave Me The Ashes Of The Earth.

eOne Heavy is home to High On Fire, Crowbar, Ace Frehley and a host of major metal bands. Exciting time for our boys as the head off into a new chapter with a massive international record label.

Watch the video for Mastiff's new single Endless here: https://youtu.be/UhwZTIUDaKY

Pre-order the new album in the UK here: https://www.eoneheavy.uk/products/mastiff-leave-me-the-ashes-of-the-earth-lp-pre-order

Pre-order the new album in the USA here: https://mastiffhchc.bandcamp.com/

Euro orders: https://www.eoneheavy.eu/products/mastiff-leave-me-the-ashes-of-the-earth-single-180g-clear-base-with-opaque-gold-splatter-black-splatter 

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