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Wall - Brick By Brick

WALL - An instrumental 2-piece heavy fucking riff machine, built brick by brick & riff by riff by twin brothers and Desert Storm members Ryan & Elliot Cole.

Released on 30th August 2024 via APF Records their debut album ‘Brick by Brick’ is overflowing with unashamed Iommi-worshipping, instrumental, sludge/doom metal. With the band taking inspiration from the first 6 Black Sabbath albums as well as being influenced by the undisputed kings of instrumental stoner rock - the much missed Karma To Burn, drummer Elliot Cole comments on some of the other artists they were listening to at the time while writing the album,

“Torche, High on Fire, Elephant Tree, and The Sword were on heavy rotation a lot. I also was listening to a fair bit of Power Trip at the time too. But as well as the rock/metal stuff, we were listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Radiohead which helped in a way with some of the more spacey & ambient sections on the album.”

Like many recent projects WALL was born during lockdown with the two brothers living together in a small flat. With both of them furloughed, this left the duo with little else to do but write music to distract themselves from the boredom of being stuck at home.

Ryan wrote riffs on an unplugged Gibson SG, whilst Elliot tapped out the drum rhythms on his lap. The first time the twins heard how the songs would sound properly was when they were in the studio tracking their initial first two EPs, as they couldn't arrange a proper rehearsal due to restrictions.

While originally starting out as a side project, WALL began to evolve into a more serious proposition following shows at Bloodstock Open Air, Desertfest London, Masters of the Riff alongside shows with Discharge, Will Haven and European dates in Germany, Czech Rep & Slovakia.

Now following these shows and 2 EP on APF Records, the next step for WALL is the release of their debut album 'Brick By Brick'. Recorded at Shonk studios / Warehouse Studios - Oxford, by Jimmy 'Evil' Hetherington & mastered by Tim Turan @ Turan Audio, ‘Brick By Brick’ is essential listening for any fan of slow, crushing riffs. 


Digipak CD


Brick By Brick on CD in a 4-panel digipak, cello-wrapped, featuring art by Chris Benoist.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Item ships from 30 August 2024