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Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight - Going Home

Recorded in late 2011, mixed and mastered by Tony Dallas Reed who counts Saint Vitus album among his credits. Going Home was released on Trippy Wicked’s own label Superhot Records 30th April 2012.

"Their new full-length 'Going Home' is an idiosyncratic gem, packed with fuzzy guitar, mighty grooves, and a heap of surreal humour."
- Terrorizer

"These Brits lay down blues so heavy they threaten the stability of the Earth's crust."
- Metal Hammer

"I can go all day, praising the uniqueness of the band, but I'm sure I'm not capable of doing them justice. It's something that needs to be heard, and that's what I highly suggest be done." - The Soda Shop

"Trippy Wicked are absolute masters of weaving a masterful array of sounds throughout their songs, creating richly textured and memorable music. Vocals are perfectly matched to the melody and ably adept at delivering what are some of the cleverest lyrics around. “Going Home” is a unique and brilliant masterpiece."
- Heavy Planet

"You guys fucking ROCK!"
- Drunk Dude


Die Hard Black Vinyl LP


Going Home on 12" black vinyl LP with printed inners.