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The Hyena Kill - Piece Of Hell

When A Disconnect was released in March 2021 the world was still indoors. As with everyone it was a slow year for The Hyena Kill but they managed a couple of headline shows and ended 2021 with a slot at Portals festival in London.

2022 was more eventful. The band toured the UK with both Sugar Horse and US doomgazers Holy Fawn as well as bagging a slot at the holy Arctangent Festival. The group started the process of recording their third LP, entitled ‘The Process’, with producer Andy Hawkins at the Nave studios in Leeds. The Hyena Kill also underwent a line-up change when guitarist Sam left the band. Bassist Charlie took up lead guitar in his place and continued to play bass on the record.

In 2023 the trio were completely derailed by individual traumatic experiences but were finally able to get back on track to start finishing the album. After what’s easily been the hardest period of their lives Steve, Lorna and Charlie finally put together a beautiful selection of songs (easily their best work to date). They’re finalising the details of an end of year tour ready to release ‘The Process’ in 2024. They’ve poured our heart and soul into this record and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

The Hyena Kill’s new single 'Piece Of Hell’ is taken from ‘The Process’. It’s such an aggy tune and feels like a return to their roots but gives nothing away as to the overall sound of the record. The band has been been playing it live for a while now and it’s as cathartic as it gets when they start ripping. It's even got a shredding solo which is a first for the Hyena Kill.

Listen to Piece of Hell and buy it from Bandcamp here: https://thehyenakill.bandcamp.com/track/piece-of-hell

Watch the music video for Piece of Hell on YouTube: https://youtu.be/qXuZq2DGMTE?si=LoanSO_PfqtHkl4n