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Battalions - Pure Humber Sludge

2020 marks Battalions 10th anniversary. To celebrate APF Records is reissuing their long-out-of-print albums Nothing To Lose (2016) and Moonburn (2017) on one deluxe CD. The tracks have been freshly remastered by Chris Fielding to give them extra grunt. Brand new artwork has been provided by Daggersforteeth. The digipak includes an 8-page booklet featuring rare photos, full lyrics, and a special thank you list.

Accompanying the release is a limited edition t-shirt, a bespoke Battalions patch, and two special stickers. The t-shirt can be purchased as a standalone item, the patch and stickers as part of the bundle option. 

Track listing:

1. A Coward's Manifesto
2. Hoods Up Knives Out
3. You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Sons And Your Souls
4. Whiskey And Wine
5. Blood Bed
6. Bog Faced Roy
7. Deadbeat
8. Shitstorm Troopers
9. Skin Job
10. Lotion Basket
11. Moonburn
12. God's Cuntry
13. Betrayal And Delusion
14. Amazonian Woman
15. Another Meaning For Death

Tracks 1 - 8 originally released as "Nothing To Lose" on 21st Jan 2016.
Tracks 9 - 15 originally released as Moonburn on 5th Aug 2017.
Both recorded at Skyhammer Studio by Chris Fielding.
All tracks remastered by Chris Fielding at Ty Mawr Studio May 2020.
Artwork by Daggersforteeth.

Battalions is:
Phil Wilkinson - Vocals
Peter Cross - Guitar
Matt Dennett - Bass
Matt Walker - Drums

A thank you to previous members: Kristian Barford, Andrew Halfdeaf Clatch McLatchie, Mark Wood.


Limited Edition Pure Humber Sludge T-Shirt


Battalions tee designed by Daggersforteeth.

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Digipak CD


Limited edition digipak CD with 8-page booklet plus digital download code.


Limited Edition Pure Humber Sludge Bundle


LIMITED EDITION OF 50 BUNDLES INCLUDE: (a) Digipak CD with 8-page booklet (b) Gildan Heavy Pure Humber Sludge t-shirt (c) Battalions screen printed patch (d) Digital download code for the Pure Humber Sludge album.

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