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Indica Blues - Ruins On The Shore

1.       Arms To The Sky

2.       Feed The Pyre

3.       Wasted Landscapes

4.       Ruins On The Shore


Released March 7, 2016


Wasted Landscapes (Pilsworth, Slaymaker)
Arms to the Sky (Pilsworth, Slaymaker)
Feed the Pyre (Pilsworth)
Ruins on the Shore (Haines-Villalta, Pilsworth)

All drum tracks written and performed by Edward Glenn
All lyrics written by Tom Pilsworth
Tracks and 1 and 4 recorded and mixed by Umair Chaudhry at Soundworks and Silverstreet studios.

Tracks 2 and 3 recorded and mixed by Jamie Dodd at Flesh and Bone Studios.
All tracks mastered by Umair Chaudhry
Artwork by Cristiano Suarez
Inside sleeve and CD design by Tom Spinks

Self-released by Indica Blues.


Limited Edition CD


Beautifully printed digipack with artwork by the legendary Brazilian graphic artist Cristiano Suarez. This is a thing to behold and we're not just saying that because we want to sell it!

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