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Under - Stop Being Naive

"For underground bands these days, it’s hard to set yourself apart from your contemporaries, but Under have done it in grandiose fashion. ‘Stop Being Naive’ is a sonic assault to the senses that pummels you with a cacophony of genres. Above all, this band should be recognised as a promising act not to be ignored." - Already Heard

"Under are a unique offering and Stop Being Naive is an attention grabbing listen. There is so much going on that to write about every little element would take thousands of words. Do yourself a favour, just go check it out yourself." - gbhbl.com

"Challenging, innovative and dirty music with sludge, noise, psychedelia and twisted, demented details as a part of the overall experience... with subtly noxious fumes, appealing and hypnotizing in something of a filthy manner." - Already Heard


A1. Malcontents
A2. The Climb
A3. Traitor's Gate
A4. Big Joke

B1: P.Irving
B2: Grave Diggers
B3: Happy
B4: An Inch Of Sun
B5: Circadian Driftwood
B6: Soup (vinyl only bonus track)

TRT: 50:08

Under is:
Andy Preece - drums, vocals, keys
Matt Franklin - bass, vocals
Simon Mayo - guitar, vocals

All music written by Under
All lyrics by Matt Franklin

Recorded and Mixed by Rian Gamble
Mastered by John Simm at Hidden Colour Audio
Artwork by Blair Shaw at Blair Draws Stuff

C&P Under 2018
Released by APF Records under exclusive license


Transparent Yellow LP


Trans yellow vinyl in 3mm spine sleeve with printed inners featuring artwork by Blair Draws Stuff. The vinyl version of Stop Being Naive includes bonus track Soup. Yellow LP in 3mm spined sleeve.


Digipak CD


4-panel digipak compact disc