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Wasted Death - Ugly As Hell (CD/Tape)

Wasted Death is a ridiculously balls-out punk band featuring Charlie Davis of Beggar, Wayne Adams of Big Lad and Petbrick, plus Tom Brewins of USA Nails. They’re a bit d-beat, a bit Converge, a bit noise rock, a bit fuckin’ special.

Wayne Adams explains:

"So Wasted Death is definitely a lockdown baby. I’d been working on and thinking about lots of my other projects, PetbrickBig Lad and Cower - all three of these projects are kind of epic, quite synth-heavy endeavours. I wanted to do something kinda the opposite to that, simple and direct, to try to hit that sweet middle ground between Punk and Metal. MotorheadZeke, early Black Breath. I kind of like to think of it as Part Chimp-esque but if they were a D-beat band.

I used to play in a band with Tom the drummer, called Death Pedals - he now plays in USA Nails and totally rips! So I got him to come over to my studio and I set the click to 200bpm and off we went. Charlie from Beggar l’ve recorded plenty of times, and I think what he can do with his voice is off the hook, so I roped him in to do vocals, and he’s also gonna smash bass duties. I play guitar - well I can’t really play guitar - so I tuned all the strings to the same note and that seemed to sound cool, I stole that idea off USA Nails, they stole it off Part Chimp who probably stole it off someone else!

And that’s Wasted Death!

Track Listing:

1.  Thickened Skulls

2.  Spat Out

3.  I'll Feed It You

4.  Bumfuck Nowhere

5.  May As Well Not


Cassette Tape


Ugly As Hell on cassette tape. Comes with Wasted Death sticker and digital download code.

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Compact Disc


Ugly As Hell on CD in a single card sleeve, cello-wrapped. Comes with digital download code for the EP.


Tape & T-Shirt Bundle


Ugly As Hell on cassette tape plus Wasted Death T-Shirt & sticker. Comes with download code.

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T-Shirt & CD Bundle


Ugly As Hell on CD in a single card sleeve, cello-wrapped, plus Wasted Death t-shirt