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Wasted Death - Ugly As Hell

Wasted Death is a ridiculously balls-out punk band featuring Charlie Davis of Beggar, Wayne Adams of Big Lad and Petbrick, plus Tom Brewins of USA Nails. They’re a bit d-beat, a bit Converge, a bit noise rock, a bit fuckin’ special.

Wayne Adams explains:

"So Wasted Death is definitely a lockdown baby. I’d been working on and thinking about lots of my other projects, PetbrickBig Lad and Cower - all three of these projects are kind of epic, quite synth-heavy endeavours. I wanted to do something kinda the opposite to that, simple and direct, to try to hit that sweet middle ground between Punk and Metal. MotorheadZeke, early Black Breath. I kind of like to think of it as Part Chimp-esque but if they were a D-beat band.

I used to play in a band with Tom the drummer, called Death Pedals - he now plays in USA Nails and totally rips! So I got him to come over to my studio and I set the click to 200bpm and off we went. Charlie from Beggar l’ve recorded plenty of times, and I think what he can do with his voice is off the hook, so I roped him in to do vocals, and he’s also gonna smash bass duties. I play guitar - well I can’t really play guitar - so I tuned all the strings to the same note and that seemed to sound cool, I stole that idea off USA Nails, they stole it off Part Chimp who probably stole it off someone else!

And that’s Wasted Death!

Track Listing:

1.  Thickened Skulls

2.  Spat Out

3.  I'll Feed It You

4.  Bumfuck Nowhere

5.  May As Well Not


Compact Disc


Ugly As Hell on CD in a single card sleeve, cello-wrapped. Comes with digital download code for the EP.


Cassette Tape


Ugly As Hell on cassette tape. Comes with Wasted Death sticker and digital download code.

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Tape & T-Shirt Bundle


Ugly As Hell on cassette tape plus Wasted Death T-Shirt & sticker. Comes with download code.

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T-Shirt & CD Bundle


Ugly As Hell on CD in a single card sleeve, cello-wrapped, plus Wasted Death t-shirt

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