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Swamp Coffin

"In equal parts the heavy blues of Black Sabbath mixed with the raw wall of sound of Machine Head, but with a sensibility more akin to Crowbar. That may sound strange but just give them a listen and it will all make sense."  – MUSIPEDIA OF METAL

Swamp Coffin is a three-piece sludge band from Rotherham, England. Fans of Crowbar, Iron Monkey and Primitive Man, the trio was founded by Jon Rhodes and David Wistow in 2016 as a way of keeping a pair of grownups out of trouble for a few hours a week. Swamp Coffin quickly morphed in to a recording project and a two-track release was put out in late 2017 featuring Jamie Rhodes on vocals. With the addition of Shawn Denton on bass in 2018 and Jon taking over vocal duties as well as guitar, Swamp Coffin became a fully-fledged live act and started laying waste to venues all over the country.

Musically rooted in 90’s NOLA sludge but with strong nods to Sabbath's groove and even death metal elements, Swamp Coffin have forged their own nasty, uncompromising sound. Debut EP “Flatcap Bastard Features” was released in August 2019 to glowing reviews. Lyrically inspired by the sudden death of Jon's brother-in-law and a house fire that shortly followed which left him and his family living in a caravan for six months, Flatcap is 34 minutes of crushing, personal sludge with hard hitting riffs and punishing rhythms.

In early 2020 Martyn White replaced Shawn on bass just as the world had gone in to a global pandemic. Now signed to APF Records, the band will be releasing their full-length debut album, Noose Almighty, on 26th November 2021.

Swamp Coffin has been proud to share stages with such luminaries as Raging Speedhorn, Coffins, The Body, Secret Cutter and OHHMS amongst many others. They will be supporting the mighty Conan in Preston this autumn.

Praise for Flatcap Bastard Features:

"Even by the standards of the NOLA-inspired slow and heavy school of sludge, Flatcap Bastard Features is an ill-tempered record. The debut EP from Swamp Coffin is 34 minutes of utter rage and misery, with tar-drenched riffs and throat-shredded vocals in abundance, coming across as if Eyehategod had formed in Yorkshire." - ASTRAL NOIZE

"A riff-heavy, balls-to-the-wall sludge debut, this leaves a powerful first impression" NOW THEN MAGAZINE

"Swamp Coffin should be applauded from the rooftops. This is simply magnificently damaged stuff" – AVE NOCTUM

"Jon Rhodes ‘ vocals rip through his throat like a rusty Stanley knife blade……sideways" - PLANET MOSH

“It’s a great EP that will certainly be challenging for a spot in my end of year list. Recommended for fans of Crowbar, Down, Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard” - UBER ROCK

"Sounds heavy as shit, that's what I’m saying" - THE OBELISK