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"The Cole twins can do no wrong. Birthed from quarantine, Wall is monstrously heavy instrumental sludge, drawing in the groove and crush the brothers of Desert Storm and The Grand Mal are known for. Wall is its own beast, however, a rumbling behemoth of growling doom and visceral drumming that sets a benchmark for heavy two-pieces." - The Doom Charts

Elliot and Ryan Cole, the twins who play in two other APF bands - Desert Storm and The Grand Mal - present you with their latest project Wall.

Wall came about during the early days of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. With Desert Storm and The Grand Mal's touring plans put on hold, the Cole brothers were both furloughed from their jobs and sat at home with time on their hands. In March 2020 Ryan started creating riffs, with Elliot sat next to him playing drum rhythms on his knees. Gradually a set of tunes came together, leading to a recording session at Shonk Studio with engineer Jimmy Hetherington (the man at the sound desk for Desert Storm's Horizontal Life album) during the summer.

The results formed Wall's debut EP, which was released by APF Records in January 2021. The first instrumental band on APF, their sound pays tribute to Karma To Burn, High On Fire and the mighty Black Sabbath (there's a Sabbath cover on here, with vocals by The Grand Mal's Dave Oglesby). Wall is an apt name for the band: the wall of riffs they cook up is truly intoxicating.

A mere six months after their debut, Wall unleashed Vol 2. Once again recorded with Jimmy Hetherington, this second effort leaned more towards the classic US rock the lads grew up on. It featured a cover of Karma To Burn’s Nineteen, released as a tribute to Elliot and Ryan’s friend Will Mecum who sadly passed away in May 2021. The Cole twins other band Desert Storm and Karma To Burn had toured the UK together on several occasion, becoming firm buddies on the road.

Wall toured the UK with The Grand Mal in August 2021.

"The sort of chugging high-octane treatment Metallica fans pray James Hetfield might write after a day revving-out his classic cars. It’s heads-down, brilliantly no-nonsense stuff..." - KERRANG!

"A guaranteed foot-stomper throughout thanks to ballsy riffs and relentless rhythms.. a well brewed shot of fuzzed out warmth and buzzing adrenaline to chase those blues away." - Distorted Sound

"This is music that is written and performed for the sheer love of it, and that's why it's such a great record to listen to." - The Sleeping Shaman

"For thse who worship at the altar of Tony Iommi... doomy majesty in Iommi inspired riffage." - The Razor's Edge