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MetalSucks Premiere Video Nasties' "Drone Eagle"

January 15, 2020

Video Nasties

Head over to MetalSucks to hear a brand new Video Nasties track, Drone Eagle. It's taken from their forthcoming Dominion album, which is available to pre-order now in our store.

"Few bands can whisk us back to the way we felt in those days the way England’s Video Nasties do on their new album, Dominion. The album is 42 straight minutes of filthy, disgusting, and ebola-level infectious deathrash that has a Proustian ability to send us right back to the video store aisle, trying to figure out if we can rent The Mutilator by slipping it into the case for Bambi. The band — which is comprised of members The Bendal Interlude, SSS, Magpyes and Iron Witch — cites everyone from Carcass and Sepultura to The Cure and Dead Kennedys to The Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter, as influences, and we’ll be goddamned if they don’t do all of those storied acts proud."