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Tides of Sulfur - Nazinsky

September 21, 2023

Welsh blackened sludge trio have a new video and track out today. It's called Nazinsky, and it's the closing track on their forthcoming monster of an album Apathy Chasm, which is released by APF Records on 29th September.

You can watch the video here on the APF website, on the band's page. It's also available on YouTube and Bandcamp. Links:

YouTube: https://bit.ly/tidesnazinsky

Bandcamp: https://tidesofsulfur.bandcamp.com/track/nazinsky-3

APF website: https://apfrecords.co.uk/bands/tides-of-sulfur

Apathy Chasm is available to buy on CD and cassette, with or without a t-shirt. All pre-orders ship this weekend.

Hope you dig it.