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For Bands Who Want To Sign To APF Records

APF Records receives hundreds of submissions from bands wishing to sign to the label. We welcome these and will always try to give them a spin, and have signed several of APF’s current roster of 23 bands as a result of direct approaches. It might take some time, and we can’t reply to everyone, but we do listen.

We thought the following might be useful for any band interested in a deal with APF.

When the label started, we signed a load of bands really quickly, because we knew who we wanted and went out to get them. At the moment we aren’t actively looking to sign anyone, but will do so if the music blows us out of the water and the band tick a number of boxes (more on that later). One of our signings, Gandalf The Green, sent us a message with their track A Billion Faces and we signed them within a few days. So, it does happen, but rarely.

If you want us to consider you for APF Records please email us at info@apfrecords.co.uk. Please don’t message through Facebook or by any other means.

APF Records is presently primarily a distribution label. This means we sign bands who already have a recorded, mixed and mastered single, EP or album in the can. We don’t have the funds to invest in recording time for bands who aren’t already on the label. We exclusively license your work for between 5 and 10 years and then put it out in the world for you.

We do two kinds of releases:

Major Release. Your album will be released on all formats (including LP) with a big PR campaign behind it. You will see your album on sale in the shops. We release this way for bands who already have a substantial following, or are friends of the label.

The DIY release. We like to support smaller, up and coming bands. We will release your EP or album digitally, on CD and tape (no vinyl) with a small PR push. Our aim is to bring you to wider attention.

So let’s say your mastered album blows our faces off, and we agree on one of the release types above. The next things we will ask you is do you tick these boxes?

Do you play live a lot? If you don’t, we are likely to pass on you. Blunt truth is that a lot of the records APF manufacture get sold by our bands at their gigs. We used to sign bands who didn’t play live much, but we aren’t doing any more. If you don’t have a booking agent, get one. If you aren’t friends with loads of promoters, we can’t help you in that regard.

Are you active on social media? If you’re not all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc like a rash then we are unlikely to sign you. Our job is to release your music and HELP promote it. I stress HELP. If you’re not out there telling anyone who will listen to you about your band on an hourly basis you’re not for us. We used to sign bands who aren’t active on social media, but we aren’t doing any more.

Are you good people? We will want to find this out before signing you. We don’t want any narcissistic egotistic knob jockeys on the label. We’ve avoided having any arseholes on the label so far. There will be none on our label in the future.

Are you lazy? Be honest. If you are, we have no time for you. The amount of effort and attention we put into bands has to be matched by the band itself. If you want a label that will handle everything for you apart from making the music, go elsewhere please.

Do you like any of the bands already on APF? If you don’t, you’re probably not for us. We try to run APF Records as a family where bands like each other and help each other out. If you’re not online sharing what your labelmates are doing that takes the shine off you for us.

Finally, are you as good as Beggar? Because if you’re not, you should go away and come back when you are.

Selling music is really hard. We will only work with bands who want a partnership with us, who want to help shift their own records. I stress, we are not here to do it all for you. APF is here to get your music out in the world and to push it as hard as we can. Hopefully our involvement will benefit you. But you must be on board and engaged. Because without you pushing things your album will flop.

If you tick all our boxes, we will work real hard on your behalf. Because we are passionate about our bands and our label and heavy music. We don’t do this for the money (which is good, because we don’t make any), we do it because we are fans.

We look forward to hearing your music.